A meal a day is a method that many use for weight lose and enhance their health. Weight lose is mostly founded by preferences, short period of time to lose a certain amount of weight and people following this diet or people who are fasting. This is usually done by those who want to restrict calorie consumption. This type of meals is associated with a mission to eat a one-time meal a day that will create a deficit of calorie which will lead you to a route of weight lose.

One meal a day has its fair share of benefits to downsides. One meal a day is considered as one of the extreme methods to lose weight just as the warrior diet where one is required to eat one meal a day with a long duration of not eating food and short periods of eating to avoid consuming lots of calories. On this one meal a day known as OMAD, most choose to eat either breakfast or dinner and a few choose lunch. Some versions of OMAD allows binge eating for one or two snacks between the meals while the devotees will not take anything that has calorie content during this period.

OMAD (0ne Meal a Day) link to weight loss.

According to specialists one loses weight when they have an energy deficit. One can have an energy deficit by either eating foods with high calories and burn them or restrict the intake calories into the body. One is free to choose the method of weight loss according to their preferences; either by consuming calories and burning them or diminish calorie intake as either way will lead to the loss of fat in the body.

Persons who use this method lose weight due to the fact that they are generally consuming fewer calories from their usual normal meals. Studies have shown that lack of calories intake for a period of 4 hours duration in the evening leads to a considerable fat loss in the body compared to 3 meals a day. Research has shown that all types of fasting lead to weight loss including extended and intermittent fasting. This method of weight loss is however not any more effectual than the normal traditional ways of restriction of calories like reducing the amount of calories intake in every meal.

OMAD diet in Weight loss.

According to specialists, when one has energy deficit leads to weight lose. One can do this in 2 different ways;

  1. Increasing the intake of calories and burn them.

This may seem not practical but it is through the Atkins’ diets where one should consume low carbohydrate foods with high protein foods and healthy fatty foods. This will make the body break down the fats and use them as the fuel of the body. One can also burn the calories through exercises that will burn the calories and thus leading to lose of weight.

  1. Reducing the amount of calories intake.

One can do this by calories restricted diets like one meal a day diet. This reduces the amount of calories intake into the body. This is because one restricts him/herself from eating three meals a day to one meal which reduces the calories intake. Studies have shown that this OMAD diet can considerably reduce weight as 4 hour duration of no calories can significantly have a greater loss of fats than 3 meals a day.

 However this method is not any more effective than the normal way of weight loss through calories restraint. This type of method is still almost or the same as fasting. All forms of fasting are linked to weight loss including intermittent and extended fasting durations such as one day a meal fasting. This method of loss of weight has other advantage in health such as C reactive protein and diminishes inflammation. It is also required in boosting the nervous system in the body.

Downsides of  OMAD.

Though research has been linked with health benefits it has also some downsides. This is due to the fact that other researchers have shown that too much restriction may cause more damage than good if not well-planned. They have shown that this type of extreme restriction may lead to a rise in the LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol to bad levels. This may also increase the chances of high blood pressure in comparison to the normal eating.

Note: When taking this type of method to lose weigh one should consult their medical care givers in order to know whether their health status is able to take this kind of diet. It may look easy but not many achieve their goal if their without a serious mentality of really desiring to lose weight through this method.



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