This is an account that allows a self-employed writing service for anyone who requires a writing service online whether to students, personal writing for someone or from any company and working class people. It provides a platform for all writing skill levels with an experienced online writing.

This account gives independence to writers to work at anytime or anywhere they are comfortable as long as they have internet with internet connected devices. One with an account can access their customers based on the skills that the online writers have.

Advantages of an online writing account.

  1. One of the most important reasons for an online writing account is that the writer has flexibility in his writing work. This is due to the fact that the account owner enjoys being their own boss choosing their schedule and accepting jobs that they know they can do well and deliver on time. The account holder also decides on the jobs depending on their skill set. This provides space for the account holder to decide on jobs based on their skills and availability to deliver on the job being offered.
  2. Online accounts also provides for employment opportunities especially to youths and also the old who can deliver on their work. The writers are given work and paid depending on the work delivered and their expertise in the work they do. This enables one to get more jobs as the customer checks on their expertise and delivery on time of the work done. This account helps many as it usually an agreement between the writer and the client who has work to be done hence one cannot complain later on payment.
  3. Online writing account has helped in the quality of work being done and also avoids late works given in the unexpected time. This has helped the customers of online writing receive their work on time without any delays since there is an agreement between the writer and the client.

 The main backbone of online writing is the quality work done and delivery of work on time. Due to the client and writer agreement, the writer know the quality of work needed, the style of writing, style of referencing in the work given and the time the client requires their work.

  • Online writing accounts have created a form of education where knowledge is exchanged and allows the writer and the client both gain knowledge through the work they give by clients and done by the writer. This allows a immense exchange of knowledge from different fields from Law, medical, engineering and many others. The ones involved in online writings gain different information and acquire various skills in different fields of life. This then creates a different group of informed people in the world.
  • One is able to decide if the amount of money they get is sufficient for them or whether they will feel like doing some extra work for some cash. One can look for more work in the event that they want more cash unless regular jobs where one can only wait for a raise from their employers.
  • Online writing account provides for a extensive variety of work opportunities. This allows for the account owner to choose the type of content that they want to work on thus one can choose a work that they are passionate about. This allows one to choose the jobs that is easy for them to do are that is comfortable with them.
  • With online accounts, one can take a job that fits his skills qualification. In online writing there is a job opportunity for everyone depending on their skill level. This allows for students and others to earn extra cash from online writing or even a can be a full-time job to many.

The process of creating an online writing account.

  1. One will need to start by going to the preferred choice of any of the writing websites which is usually done in a specific period of time to start the registration. One will need to have some requirements like ID card, a photo of you, a CV, Email address or a Bachelor’s degree although some sites do not require a degree but one will have to prove their writing skill where they will be competing with degree holders.
  2. At the site, one will be given a form of registration that they will be required to fill. One will be required to fill their basic education, their field of expertise.
  3. After completion of filling the registration form by providing the required details needed by the site for your application, one is required to fill their username of the account and enter the name as the pen name. One is required to enter their real name or even a stage name as per their wish. One will then be required at this stage to provide their real name, address, email address, strong password and their phone number.
  4. One will then required to read the terms and conditions of service provided by the writing site and accept. One should then select Continue with Quiz. In the application form, one needs to provide the necessary up to date information which should be accurate and must complete filling the form.
  5. In almost all sites, one will be required to answer a quiz containing a five questions in the use of English, grammar or other contents in different topics. At this quiz, one will be required to get 80% or above. One requires to pass the 4 questions out of the 5 questions. This allows the site to know the Constance of your writing in different topics.
  6. One will then be required to provide a writing sample from you on any given topic. This is for them to confirm that you are good in what you write and that you can produce the right content required. After completion of the quiz, the site will give you a random topic for an article.
  7.  At this point, one is usually advised to give their finest work as this is an significant thing that allows the site to choose the writers in their site. In case the topics provided by the site are not of your fancy, one can ask for a different topic. Then one should submit the application and the site will examine the application and let you know if the request has been successful.
  8. One should then have an account for payment by the clients depending on the site you have applied for. This requires that one must have a valid, active account that can be used in payment e.g. PayPal.
  9. One should then complete their bio and profile. This is done by providing their payment account email address that will be used to receive payments, check the types of emails that you would like to receive from the site and one should then add their education qualifications, copy of their education certificates and their area of proficiency. This helps the site to know the type of work they will be assigning to you.

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