It is usually advisable to have a bank account to put your money for the purposes of saving or building your credit eligibility as this allows one to borrow money from the bank when in dire need of money such as money to pay for school fees, rent or a business transaction that will enable one to pay for the borrowed money. A bank is important as one can access the accurate records of the use of your account in payment and deposit.

KCB (Kenya Commercial Bank) is one of the key banks that have a great impact on the economy of Kenya. It is one of the popular banks in Kenya that has used the power of technology in order to provide better services in banking. This has helped its clients to access their accounts at the comfort of their own home without physically going to the bank. Online banking at KCB has improved banking services to its clients through online services as one can keep tabs on his account through a mobile phone or a computer.

Types of KCB bank accounts available.

Kenya Commercial Bank Accounts provides options for bank accounts to its clients. One needs to understand the different bank accounts so that one can register for a bank account that can be useful and beneficial to them. The Kenya Commercial Bank provides 4 types of accounts that are beneficial depending on the reasons for the account;

  1. Savings accounts.

This is a special type of account that allows one to gather all of their chosen funds to cater for emergencies or future use. When one opens this account, they receive interests on the amount of money they have saved on the account. The interest is only given as long as you maintain the minimum balance required in your account. This is important as one just gains money for depositing money to save in the bank account.

  • KCB provides for Current Account.

 There is a variety of current accounts in the Kenya Commercial Bank including students account, salary accounts the daily accounts where one deposits and withdraws money for their daily use. This account allows one to have immediate access to the finance in their account.

  • Fixed Deposit Account is also provided by KCB.

This is an account that enables one to mount up their money in account that does not have charges that are charged monthly. One is able to earn interest depending on the amount of money they deposit as long as you maintain the minimum balance required by the bank.

  • Transactional Accounts.

This is an account that is almost similar to the current account in nature. The outstanding difference is that the account is mainly for the people who are in business and a chequebook book would not be possible or suitable in the transaction.

How to open a KCB Account online.

  1. One should go to their browser and and on the search box type “” to access the KCB website.
  2. Once one is on the KCB website, one should select the “Open Account” which is on the main menu.
  3. One is then required to fill in their details which are their full names, email address, ID number and your mobile phone number.
  4. After one fills their details, one should then click on the “Submit” button.
  5. After clicking on submit, there will be a page that will pop up which will contain your account number and a guide you on the process of how to activate your newly opened KCB Account.
  6. One will then receive to texts from KCB. One will have the newly registered KCB and Benki Account number. This account numbers are to be kept safely.

The other text will contain your Pin which is temporary that has to be activated within 48 hours. This is to ensure the one who is creating the account is serious on opening the KCB Account. One will then activate the account by dialing *522#.

  • One the same website page one can see tabs on how can activate their account either through M-pesa by the Paybill number of 522522, KCB Mtaani or at any KCB branch. One can activate by depositing money to their newly formed KCB Account.
  • At this point, one can also download the KCB application at the Google Play Store or Appstore to fully enjoy the online services offered by the Kenya Commercial Bank. One will only require their KCB account number and mobile phone number when using the application.



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