In the year 1958, there was a wrestling champ that was born. On the 8th of January a wrestler Rey Misterio was born who was to conquer the wrestling world by storm. He is related to Rey Misterio Jr. as he is his uncle. He was given the name Miguel Lopez at birth. Though he is of Mexican descent, he was destined to be in wrestling in the United States. He is a professional wrestler, trainer and, also an actor. His name was a translation from his native language meaning the Mystery King.

In California was where Rey was born and raised. Determined to be the best wrestler, he joined the profession of wrestling at the age of 14. This was in the year 1989. At the age of 17 he debuted at a promotion in Mexico. At this time he was under the shadow of Rey Misterio Sr. in the AAA (Asistencia Asesoría y Administración). His uncle Rey supported him to enter the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) for a short period of time before he set his mind to another level.

Rey was later drafted to WCW (World Championship Wrestling) where he knew that this was a stepping stone in the world wrestling. He was one of the people that made the whole world know the style of wrestling that involved high level professional stunts in the arena of wrestling. This stunts that he pulled in the ring enabled him to win numerous championships.



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