Leati Joseph Anoa’I or as commonly known as Roman Reigns is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE division. Reigns was born into a legendary family that had a huge legacy of professional wrestlers. He is the son to Sika Anoa’I and Patricia A. Anoa’i. Roman is a husband to Galina Becker and a father to two twins born in 2017 and a daughter named Joelle Anoa’i. Roman is an America that comes from the hometown of Pensacola in Florida. Roman Reigns has a surprisingly net worth of $12M and he receives a salary of $4.3M per year. Roman Reigns studied at Pensacola Catholic High School in Florida and later on he went and studied in Georgia Institute of Technology, college.

Before becoming a wrestler, Roman Reigns was an American football player who had an offseason stunt with National Football League franchises Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars way back in 2007. His first debut in NFL was in 2007. Before he retired from professional American football, he played for the Canadian Football League franchise Edmonton Eskimos in 2008. Roman debut in FCW was in 2010 then he went ahead to NXT in 2012. Thereafter, he went on ahead to debut in WWE in 2012 as a professional wrestler. During his main roaster debut in WWE, he made the famous “The Shield” team with legendary wrestlers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

Roman Reigns is the 17th WWE grand slam champion and 28th triple crown champion. Roman Reigns favorite food is Barbacoa and his favorite beverage is the Monster energy drink. His favorite superstar is Brett Hart and his favorite actor is Pierce Brosnan. His favorite movie as he claims is “The wolf of wall street”. Roman’s favorite restaurant is Chiptole and Australia is his favorite destination. His favorite hobbies include Playing American Football and traveling.

Roman Reigns has a crazy set of car collections. Some of his cars include a Lamborghini huracan, Mercedes Benz, a range rover and a Toyota fortuner. Roman Reigns also has some wrestling records. In 2013 and 2014, he was the breakout star of the year, feat of strength, faction of the year with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. He was the most improved wrestler of the year in 2015 and the Royal rumble champion. In 2016, he was the most hated wrestler of the year and the most overrated wrestler of the year.

In 2018, Roman Reigns was the inspirational wrestler of the year and a universal champion. Together with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose he had the hottest rivalry with Brock Lesnar. That is all I could find about Roman Reigns, I hope it was worth your time.



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