1. Discipline and hard work.
  2. Ask and never take things not yours.
  3. Make friends and never trust anyone.
  4. Always stay indoors @night and never open the door for someone.
  5. Always wear masks.
  6. Fast learning na kujiambia vitu common e.g. kuoga,kuosha etc.
  7. Be satisfied with what you have(usipende kuomba omba).
  8. Never argue ama kukosana na anyone.
  9. Always keep time.
  10. Do not forget things taught.
  11. Usikae mshamba e.g .when at work usiniongeleshe kikamba.
  12. We do all work so never tell a customer that something is not there{kila kitu iko}
  13. Be ahead of everyone {always watch whatever & do it perfectly}.
  14. Be persuasive & never show shyness or cowardice.
  15. Carry your own research{don’t wait to be taught everything}.
  16. Be patient  nothing comes easily.
  17. Drugs not allowed.
  18. No stealing{kula haki na jasho yako}.
  19. Most of all always pray.

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