This story is about Susan Boyle. Most of us know Susan for her singing but it’s her life story that can truly resonate and change the lives of people. Boyle became a superstar because of her insanely beautiful voice and now she is one of the most recognizable faces in the world but behind the fame and success and the record breaking music albums is a person who has been labeled for most of her life. She stated that people thought she was brain damaged and she could not do much.

If you watched her auditions, you could see how the judges and the people  labeled her right from the beginning but the moment she started singing, no one could believe her voice for it was insanely beautiful. When Susan was just but a little child, she was deprived of oxygen and it left her with a mild brain damage and because of the effects of her condition, she was bullied and laughed at by other people.

 Susan said that there was a lady at her school who used to stub cigarettes in her and she said that she could have fought back when she needed to. She did not make friends very easily because she couldn’t trust anybody and when she tried to speak to people, they made fun of her and so the only escape from that situation was music.

Because she was labeled as a “Brain damaged person”, at some point she grew to believe it but what no one knew was that she was not brain damaged. Susan was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome which affects the way she interacts with people. All the bullying and being made fun of was because of the syndrome and for many years, no one knew about it not even Susan herself.

 She said that she knew she was different but she didn’t know what was really wrong with herself. The truth is that we are too quick to judge people according to their appearance and that is why Susan ought to be known for her story of how she had to deal with being judged her whole life.

 May Susan’s story inspire people to always see other people for who they really are because the world is full of people like Susan but only the strongest and luckiest ones won’t let these judgments affect them. Susan is truly a champion for those who maybe don’t have the confidence to do things and those who people tend to ignore.



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