Many of us know Thomas Edison for his world changing inventions but did you know there is a Japanese guy who has three times more inventions than Thomas Edison? He goes by the name Dr. Nakamats. He invents the coolest inventions in the world. Some of his coolest inventions include a wig that you can swing at an attacker, boots with springs that give you an extra bounce and even a golf putter that pings when you hit the ball and thousands of other inventions that can do thousand of other things. Surprisingly, he is 92 years of age and has over 3,500 inventions to his name, can you believe that? His creations might not be as revolutionary as Thomas Edison but they are definitely worth your time. Stepping into his office is like stepping into a museum of his greatest and weirdest inventions.

You will find a special chair that will give your brain extra power, A pair of spectacles shaped like someone’s eyes and even a waterproof notepad that can be used underwater. Dr. Nakamats also claims to have invented the digital watch and the floppy disc. But what’s more even interesting about his inventions is the way he comes up with them. To come up with new inventions, he takes his waterproof notepad, goes underwater and waits because he believes that the brain can only invent when it lacks oxygen and yes, this is as dangerous as it sounds. If this doesn’t work, he has a backup plan which is he goes to a special bathroom where he sits and thinks of ideas. He refers to it as “calm room”. The sink, the walls and even the toilet are all made of gold because he says that gold blocks all wireless frequencies, thereby giving his brain the power that it needs to think and that is not all he needs. He says that to make a good brain for invention, he must eat good food. He eats one meal per day  for the past 50 years to track how food changes his body and his brain. Dr. Nakamats doesn’t drink alcohol, tea, milk, coffee or even tap water and using his brain he creates inventions that solve every problem even an illness, how cool is that? Some few years back he was diagnosed with cancer. People found this as a bad news but for Dr. Nakamats he saw this as an opportunity. It gave him a new drive to even invent more. He created a gangan robot, a cancer fighting chair that works like a natural therapy. The doctor gave him one year to live but that was six years ago and he has no plans of stopping what he is doing, that is coming up with new inventions. Despite his old age he is the chairman of the WORLD GENIUS CONVENTION where geniuses all over Japan come together to showcase their inventions because his dream is to inspire young inventors all over the world to create more inventions and change the world. From unique brainstorming methods, never seen before inventions, a healthy diet and a heroic fight against cancer, this genius is Asia’s oldest superhuman not just because of his super brain power but because of his super willpower, that makes him unstoppable.




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