A wrestler of no words in the ring came to this world in the year 1972. Born a champion on August 27th, as Dalip Sing Rana, he was destined to be one of the great wrestlers in the world. He was feared and, known for action and no talk. He made his first history as he was the Indian who was the first to win the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) World heavyweight champion. Joining the professional wrestling in 2000, he always performed his work seriously in the ring without any doubt. He had one great height and, a big body to behold.

His height was so great that he always looked down on every wrestler he faced in the WWE. He was wrestler that was always a different in his art of wrestling not having tricks, but just getting down to business while in the ring. He was the first indigenous Indian to grace the WWE where he came to conquer the wrestling universe. Khali was always ready for a challenge even by the renowned fellow wrestlers without having second doubts.

The great Khali thrived on his intimidating physique and, his fearless attitude. This usually made fellow wrestlers get intimidated in the ring before even the fight began. He faced even the revered wrestlers like Kane and, the Undertaker. Khali was a wrestler that left a lasting impression to every competitor he had on the ring. He was an instant threat to his fellow WWE wrestlers. He was not a wrestler to joke with on the ring as he had no time to play with anyone. His personality thrilled everyone as he had no time for trash talking with other wrestlers who flourished on that.

With his achievements as an Indian in WWE, he was seen as a hero in India. This was because he was the first Indian to join wrestling in the WWE. He earned great respect from his country who were always his greatest supporters of his art.

His story is one to be admired as he was born in a deprived family with 7 siblings. At a young age, he was involved at numerous jobs which mainly were odd jobs just to make sure that his family had something to eat on the table. He did any job as long as his family was able to make it through another day. It was a struggle to make ends meet for his family from the day he was born.

Being of being great height, he was spotted by a police who saw him working as security. The police was always involved in sports in the police force. He was used to helping his fellow police officers to enter into the world of sports and, even making them compete at an international level. The police saw Khali’s size and advised him to join the Indian Police force. This was in the year 1993 although he was reluctant as he was to leave his family in a different state.

As a police officer, he trained to be a wrestler in local Punjab gyms where he was offered the police officer job. He put all his efforts in training to be a wrestler with the aim of one day becoming a great name in wrestling. His prayers were answered after he was picked for professional wrestling training in the United States of America.

He made his debut in 2000 as he was paired with Jones at the APW (All Pro Wrestling) in the US. Wanting to make a name for himself in the wrestling fraternity he moved to San Francisco where he was signed to WCW which then came under WWF after they bought it. At this point, Rana’s name was Giant Singh.

The Great Khali’s Acheivements.

  1. Being a native Indian, he is the first to win a World Heavyweight Champ Title.
  2. He was a part of the tallest tag team in wrestling history.
  3. Won one Royal Rumble Title.
  4. Khali won the 20 man battle royal at the Main Event.

He was signed to the WWE in the desperado act because at that time, he had no ring name except his real name. He was a huge wrestling monster that was more than seven foot tall, and he even demolished some wrestling greats. He was one wrestler that you needed to watch out for if you got on his way. He is one of the wrestling stars that have been able to defeat the great Undertaker without using any off-book tricks. Defeating Undertaker without cheating is something that a few wrestlers have been able to do.

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