One of the most decorated female artiste that is celebrated in Country music and Pop culture was born in 1989. Tailor was brought to this beautiful world on 13th December. Being only 31 years of age, she has achieved that many would only achieve in their wildest dreams. Tailor was named Tailor Alison Swift at birth. She has received many awards than most her peers due to her beautiful voice and, her personality of being down to earth. Swift started was destined to be a great star from an early age where she developed an interest in music. She had an interest in Country music but her music has developed gradually over the years.

Tailor with all he achievements, has always been humble and, always maintained a low profile. She is not into the gimmicks of publicity stunts. She is always just concerned with what she does best and that is writing songs and, singing. Tailor Swift who has managed the art of transitioning from one form of art in music to another. She always does this without much struggle unlike many other artists.

Her songs are usually based on her life and, this makes her songs relatable with her fans. This makes her songs receive a huge media attention. She was born in Pennsylvania but her talent and love for music made her parents sell the farm in order for their daughter to pursue her music career in the Country music. They moved to Nashville which had known record labels involved in Country music.

At Nashville, Tailor was noticed by Borchetta who was executive at a record label but was in the process of creating his own record label. This was in the year 2004 when Tailor was showing her talent at Bluebird. Alison became one of the youngest signees at Borchetta’s new Record label known as Big Machine Records. From this day Tailor knew her journey had started and she had to put in the work as she was determined to share her music with the whole world. She embarked on her creation of her first album as soon as she was signed. Tailor wanted to waste no time in the album. She convinced the record label to hire her producer named Nathan Chapman as she felt that they had some sort of connection in music.

In 2006, she released the album named Taylor Swift which debuted at number 5 in the Billboard 200 and, stayed on the Billboard for 157 consecutive weeks. This was the album that had the longest stay at the Billboard in that decade and, Tailor was only 16 years of age. This exposed her to the word as one of the youngest people with great potential. As the album was described by The New York Times as an album that was wide as it had some pop masterwork in it.

This New York Times prediction was later realized as it was a sneak peak to Swift’s career in music. As at 2016, the album had grossed 7.75 million dollars in sales worldwide. This proved that Borchetta had not made a wrong decision of signing a 16 year old songwriter which his peers in the industry had advised him against. This was an advantage to the record label as Swift got support from young teens that were fans of country music and, they could relate to her. Teen market was a market that had not been tapped into before by Country music artist.

Taylor Swift Achievements.

  1. Was honored with Pinnacle Award for her achievements in Country Music.
  2. She is the youngest to songwriter to get the billboard number one spot.
  3. 10 Grammy Awards.
  4.  She has 7 Guinness World Records
  5. She has the most awards in American Music Awards.
  6. In 2015, she was in the Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top greatest songwriter of all time.

Tailor starting as a country music artist; she knew the importance of merging Country with the new emerging culture in music which she embraced. This made her to be one of the greatest superstars in the Music Industry. Although Swift is known not to involve herself in politics, she is never too shy to speak the truth when something goes wrong in the political system. She has even called out her own senator in the fight for the LGBT (Lesbians Gays Bisexuals and, Transgender) rights. Tailor has also called out the Trump administration in the fight against racism when Trump made some racist remarks.

Taylor is one force in the music industry to be reckoned with. He r humble personality is one to be admired. She is one of the greatest artistes in the Music Industry yet she is so humble and, only expressed herself in her good music. She is one artist that has a mark in the top of the music industry.

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