Football is one of the sports that is loved by many people globally and with no doubt it brings people from different parts of the earth together as one. Once a person begins to play professional football, their lives change for the better as they become rich. All professional footballers are paid a good amount of money that make them rich but  all these professional footballers are not paid the same amount of money. Today, I am going to write about the best paid footballers in the world and you will definitely be amazed by the huge amount of money they are getting including the bonuses.

  1. At the 1st position in the list is Lionel Messi with $149M collected in a year. The Argentinian is untouchable. He should soon become the second footballer to hit a billion in earnings. Barca refuses to share Messi’s exact salary but according to football leaks, he should be earning $68M a year. Add in $11M related to image rights. Specifically, Messi may have a special contract with multiple bonuses.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo is the first billionaire footballer but this does not mean he is the best paid player in the world. Ronaldo is the 2nd highest paid player in the world earning $134M a year, including $34M from his Juventus contract.
  3. Neymar JR unsurprisingly takes the 3rd place on the list. The Brazilian earns $108M a year, including $41.8M from PSG. He is also paid generously by Nike and Redbull.
  4. In the 4th place, we find Gareth Bale and his $44M in earnings. Gareth Bale has the same salary as Eden Hazard but has better advertisement deals.
  5. Antoine Griezman occupies the 5th position and gets a $43.7M salary thanks to barca and sponsors. On average he will be paid $24M a year by Barca.
  6. In 6th place, we find Eden Harzard who is paid a net salary of $41M. Real Madrid gives him $24M a year and Nike does the rest of his income.
  7. Just ahead of Sterling is Andreas Iniesta who scrapes ahead $40M a year. At 36 years old, he is very well paid by Vissel Kobe and he still does commercials.
  8. Raheem Sterling comes in position 8 in the ranking with a total of $38.4M in one year.
  9. Robert Lewandowski comes in 9th with $33M earned annually. He is the top paid player at Bayern.
  10. With $33.3M in income, Kylian Mbappe is the 10th best player in the world. This includes his salary which is $24M, bonuses and advertising revenue bur PSG will have to give him more to keep him there.

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