The Atlanta Falcons have been an absolute roller coaster of an NFL team this year. Starting out the season and then eventually winning their very first game in a 40-23 victory after firing their head coach Dan Quinn. Everyone was hyped because finally the Atlanta Falcons were able to win again, Matt Ryan even came out to say that it showed they were capable of doing and they just have to find a level and a way to be at that level every week.

The Atlanta Falcons are currently one in five. Typically when you have an interim head coach, you don’t really make it that far in the NFL. Julio Jones is on a three year contract worth $66M and the contract is going on until 2024 NFL season. He is currently 31 years old. Matt Ryan on the other hand does not have a good contract himself. Next year, he is set to make $23M and the year after he is set to make $16.2M and in 2024 his contract expires.

The Atlanta Falcons decided to start off this season with a brand new quarterback and a brand new head coach. Julio Jones is more likely to be a mid- season trade whereas Matt Ryan is more likely to be an off- season trade and unloading both of those huge contracts would be very instrumental to a rebuild of the NFL Falcons because they do have a wide receiver core with Russell Gage and Calvin Ridley.

The Atlanta Falcons are not supporting Matt Ryan like they need to on the defensive end and ever since they made it to the super bowl and lost 28-3, we have been seeing the same. Some teams need to trade for Matt Ryan and squeeze that last bit of him to potentially get him where he needs to be.

As for Julio Jones, there is an amount of suitors that are popping up for him. The first team that always pops up in wide receiver trade rooms is the New England Patriots. They do need a wide receiver as the one they currently have is Julian Edelman who is getting old.



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