Zion was the first pick of the 2019 NBA draft and one of the most height players of this millennium behind only James Lebron. If he stays on a healthy condition then the young lad will be on his way to become one of the best NBA player and one of the biggest sportsman superstar on the planet.

Zion was offered a football scholarship to play at LSU stating he was the best high school tight they have ever seen even though they only saw him on the basketball court. There was also one time that Lebron James was denied entrance to a high school basketball game all because of Zion Williams. This is because Zion was the most popular kid in that high school and bringing in Lebron could only make it worse for the four thousand heavily packed basketball court. Can you believe that?

Zion Williams signed the second largest shoe deal ever for a rookie and the seventh largest all time still a teenager, before playing a single minute in the NBA. He already became an extremely rich man. He signed not one but two eight figure deal. The first one was with the New Orleans Pelicans who signed him to a four year deal contract of $4M but an even bigger check came from Nike. Zion has several 10M plus yearly contracts from various companies but ultimately chose to represent the Jordan brand. The deal is worth $75M over five years making it the second largest shoe deal in history after Lebron’s $100M deal with Nike back in 2003.

In just two years Zion grew four inches and nearly gained a hundred pounds. As a high school freshman, Zion was not exactly a small guy being six foot and weighing 175 pounds. It was surprising because he was faster and more explosive than ever and that’s what made him unique as a player. There was no player of that size and that kind of athleticism.

Zion out jumped the vertical measurement machine at Duke. A duke’s practice facility a tall pole with metal bars that measures inches in an athlete’s vertical simply didn’t have enough bars when it was Zion’s turn to jump. The young player easily swatted at the top and all the bars the pole had, so the Duke trainers had to put weights underneath the pole to make it higher but that didn’t help as Zion repeated the feat and cleared all the tabs again. His official vertical duke is measured at 40 inches which will equal the highest measured vertical in the history of the the NBA draft combine.

Zion’s basketball coach through middle school was his mom. He said that his mom was the hardest coach he ever had to this day. At the end of it all, Zion became one of the most dominant rookies in the NBA history and he is on his way to be a perennial all-star.



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