Yanis Antetokounmpo signed a shoe deal with Nike of $10M. Yanis first signed with Nike in 2013, a deal which paid the player $20K a year but in 2017 Nike gave Yanis a much better deal as he re-signed a long term deal that will pay him $10M per year. This comes after signing a $100M four year extension with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2016.

Damian Lilard signed a deal with Adidas worth $10M. Adidas Company locked up Damian to a ten year deal back in 2014, two years after Portland drafted the point guard. The $10M shoe deal co-exists alongside his current five year deal in Portland which sees him earn around $140M.

Kyrie Irving signed with Nike. A deal worth $11M. Kyrie is ranked as among one of the best in the NBA and his jersey was ranked 4th among the NBA’s best sellers during the 2018-2019 season. His shoes are one of the best sellers for the Nike brands.

Derrick Rose signed a deal with Adidas worth $11M. Rose has been signed with Adidas for a deal worth $1M since his rookie. Everything seemed to work out great for Rose as he was named MVP in 2011. Adidas offered Rose a thirteen year deal extension worth $11M every year.

Dwayne Wade signed a deal with a Chinese company called Li-Ning worth $12M in 2012. The three time NBA champion signed a lifetime deal for his way of wades signature line with Li- Ning. In his rookie years, Dwayne signed a deal with converse worth $400K per year for six years.

Russell Westbrook signed a $12M with Jordan brand. The NBA player signed with Nike in 2008 but he didn’t have his own signature shoes with the company. When his contract was up in 2012, he made a switch from Nike to the Jordan brand. In 2017, Westbrook signed a ten year extension with Jordan brand that gave him a large endorsement deal. He signed a five year contract deal with the Houston Rockets worth around $200M.

Zion Williamson signed with Jordan for a deal worth $13M. Before he could even step on the court, Zion was signed up with Nike and Jordan brand. Zion is not just signing shoe deals before he makes his first NBA appearance but he also signed deals with 2k sports which is rumoured to be over $2.5M.



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