You want some new jaw dropping movies to watch? Movies like you have never seen before? If so, then I strongly suggest that you check out these new movies that were released in 2020. Let us go ahead and look into some of them.

  1. MY SPY.

My spy is an action comedy packed movie featuring a smart nine- year old girl, Sophie and the CIA operative JJ or as he is commonly known, Dave Bautista. When Sophie catches JJ spying on her family during a surveillance operation, she uses this to her advantage. Sophie made a deal with JJ, the CIA operative where she promised not to give out his cover and he in return would teach her the basic principles on how to be a spy. Well JJ thinks that this is easy but he later finds out that Sophie is not the typical nine- year old. Not to spoil out all the fun, you should definitely check out this movie.


J Binna directed this psychological thriller which follows that a girl, Sarah who struggles to differentiate between her visions and what is real. Sarah lives a simple life, lover arts and crafts and supernatural crime movies. She is the type of person that prefers horses over people which goes to say Sarah is a socially awkward person but this little life that Sarah has gets a little abnormal when she begins to dream about strange things.


The movie follows a group of aquatic researchers six miles under water. When an earthquake devastated their subterranean lab, they realized that they have to get to safety by walking across the sea floor in hopes of reaching the main part of the facility but being at the bottom of the sea is not the only and most terrifying problem that the crew has to face. They soon realize that at the bottom of the ocean, there are mysterious and deadly creatures keeping their company.


Mickey Pearson, the owner of a highly profitable marijuana empire in London decides to sell his business but this news erupts chaos as plot schemes, bribery and blackmail are triggered in an attempt to loot his business away from him.


The bad boys, Will Smith starring as Mike and Martin Lawrence as Marcus are here once again for the last time in the highly anticipated 2020 movie. The cartels embark on a vengeful mission to kill these two cops. In order to take down the culprits and bring justice, Mike and Marcus must team up and learn to get along with the ammo, a special tactical squad.



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