NFL players live the high life, they travel in jets, live in mansions and wear tailored fancy suits to night clubs and occasions around the world.NFL players are wealthy. Their salary is not something to scoff at. Today we are going to take a look at the highest paid NFL players and see how much exactly they are making annually.

  1. Breaking it in at number one is none other than Russell Wilson who makes a crazy amount of money. Russell makes $35M in one year. He is the highest paid NFL player. His for year contact will earn him a total of $35M a year not including a $65M signing bonus. Clearly he does not need to worry about going broke any time soon with such kind of deals.          
  2. At the 2nd position we have Ben Roethlisberger who makes a total of $34M at the end of one year. Can you believe that? The quarter back for the stealers. His two- year extension earns him $34M a year with a $37.5M signing bonus. Not only was he the youngest player to win the super bowl but also has cemented his self as the stealers leader.
  3. Aaron Rodgers takes it in at number 3 making a total of $33.5M annually. His four-year extension comes with $57.5M signing bonus. Clearly, Aaron is not going to worry about money anytime soon.  It is said that he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time.
  4. Coming in at number 4 is Jared Goff who makes $33.5M at the end of the year. He signed a four year contract worth $134M so it is fair to say that Jared is in covered in money.
  5. At  number 5 we have Carson Wants who brings in $32M in one year. He is the lowest earning player on our list. His recently signed contract includes a $16M signing bonus as well as another $16M in incentives over the next four year period.



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