I have five of the best gaming smart phones on this list raining from the more affordable up to the very best of the best when it comes to specs and hardware and absolutely anything you would want for playing games on a Smartphone.


There are a couple of different phones in the black shark range. There is the black shark 3 and also the black shark 3 pro which is an upgrade in certain areas. The black shark 3 pro is a perquisite when it comes to a gaming phone for it has a big battery at 5000 MAH. You get magnetic charging as well. Camera is definitely a second thought when it comes to gaming phones. When it comes to camera, you get a good sensor (64 MP) and actually the sensor size is pretty big too. What is fantastic about this phone is the huge displaying screen of 7.1 inches. If you want a gaming phone, I would recommend you one of these but it is way more expensive than non-pro version.


In this phone you get the snapdragon 865. The phone also has a large screen display of 6.6 inches which is full hd. In this phone you get the main image sensor as the black shark 3 which is Sony sensor with 64 MP. You get a fan inside this phone and when you charge the phone it actually uses the fan to charge the phone quicker, keep the heat down and get that power up into the phone. There is also a magnetic connector on the side of this phone so you can attach lots of peripherals on this phone and it also comes with air triggers.

  • IPHONE 11.

The iphone 11 has a lot of specs that are really good when it comes to gaming one of them being a powerful chipset. There are also good stereo speakers. The phone has no air triggers, no unique hardware built into the phone, no headphone jack either which is a big laggard in terms of this list. There are some disadvantages in terms of those unique gaming aspects but you just get a phone with a good camera and a normal design that you can use every day.


Note 20 ultra is a new expensive phone but in terms of hardware. It has got everything for android. Actually, Samsung wants this to be more of a gaming phone. This is not a specific gaming phone when it comes to the screen. It has good speakers too and a good camera too. Well, if you are a true gamer, you will understand that camera is the second best thing in a phone.


This has the best audio experience of any of the above mentioned phones. Two front-facing speakers that are really of good facing right at you. So you get a really amazing experience when you are playing games on the phone. It has the latest processor and a snapdragon 865 plus. It has a 6000 MAH battery and is by far the biggest on this list. It has a 64 MP camera. The gaming triggers are built into the phone. Something weird about this phone is that it lacks the headphone jack which is weird for a gaming phone



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