With the game of American football spreading out, it is more about getting athletes in the open space. One universal truth is more evident than ever, speed kills. Today’s NFL athletes are one of the best in the game the world has ever seen. Today we are going to look at the fastest NFL players in the world.

  1. Mecole Hardman.

 There is a big difference between time speed and game speed. Mecole, the University of Georgia speed demon may not have the top time speed on this list, however, when his team comes on the pitch, Hardman proves that not many can match his speed. Attaining a speed of 22MPH, Mecole blasted in through the end zone for the fastest speed on a score play in 2019. Hardman is also an unbelievable kick returner.

  • Marquise “Hollywood” Brown.

It took Brown less than ten minutes in his debut to us how he earned his nick name. Brown put on a show while scoring his first NFL catch. In only 14 plays, Brown recorded 4 receptions for 147 yards in 2 touchdowns. Browns speed is game changing making defenses play back and opening up the pot for Brown to dash right between them. Brown is one of the best deep threats in the game already.

  • Henry Ruggs III.

 Ruggs has not played in the NFL yet but the Las Vegas Raiders rookie has already drawn comparison to fellow speed star Tyreek Hill. Ruggs looks like he is always gaining speed but there is no enough field to show how fast Rags really is. He bursts through end zones. Some predicted that he would break the fastest record ever but Ruggs felt disappointed with his 4.27 run feeling he made technical errors. He only missed the record for a half tenth of a second. Ruggs is a speed star and the NFL better gets prepared.

  • Marquise Goodwin.

 Goodwin ran 4.27 in 48 yards putting him in a category of speed. Goodwin is an absolute blazer, the definition of a deep threat. He posted the 3rd top speed ever at the combine and was drafted by the Buffalo Bills. Injuries delayed his chances there before he was signed by the Francisco 49ers. He finally broke out and had a career. Goodwin proved just how good he is.

  • John Rose.

Rose blew up overnight by clocking the forty time best recoded NFL time comeback history, 4.22. With his speed alone, he catapulted into the top ten on draft night. Ross has the most pure straight line speed I this list. His movements look more like a drag racing car than a human being. Unfortunately Ross has suffered many injuries during his career. If he can overcome these injuries he might be at the top and become the NFL’s fastest man.

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