The human body can predict the weather. This is because before bad weather hits, the atmospheric pressure drops dramatically. Thanks to this, the temperature changes and this causes the tissues in the human body to expand. This swelling inside the human body is why we experience pains in the muscles. If you are very young you can only notice achy joints but if you are older you will have a condition like arthritis. The temperature and weather have a huge effect on the human’s body and it allows you to see whether the bad weather is coming or not.


It’s not whether people are gay or straight thanks to their environment, their brains, their hormones they developed as a baby or if they are just born that way but there is only one way to find out if you are gay or straight according to your body. If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, this means that you are exposed to a lot of testosterone in the womb.

This is true for both men and women but obviously men have more testosterone than women. If you are a man with a longer index finger than your ring finger, it means that you have a high probability of being gay. On the other hand, if your ring finger is bigger than your index finger then you are more likely to be straight.


 I bet you never thought of your own sweat as nice. The fact is that the liquid that comes out from your body called sweat is not what makes that smell. In fact sweat is odorless. When you sweat, bacteria are formed which feed on your sweat. The more you sweat, the more bacteria shows up to eat it. The bacterium then creates waste from your sweat. So what really brings about that awful disgusting smell is “poop” from bacteria.


 We all experience pain in our body from time to time but the fact that you didn’t know about yourself and may not believe it is that you are actually incredibly tough to the point of nearly being invisible. There is an amazing explanation to this. If your body is in excruciating pain, your brain can flip a switch to turn the pain off. There was once a woman who fell from a building and had bones coming out of her body but she only felt minor pain. This is because in your brain there is a pain toggle which makes you feel pain. It is important that we feel pain otherwise we will destroy ourselves.


We all are aware of fingerprints on our fingers which are unique and this is why police make prints of them to identify people with. Your tongue has a pretty unique print too. You can’t see them as clearly as fingerprints but believe me when I tell you that they are there. What tongue prints mainly do is identify people who passed away .



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