“I pleaded not guilty your honor. The following will prove to the court that I took no part in the misdeed”, I said blinking my eyelid rapidly. It was Friday the 26th January, 2003 at six o clock in the evening when I was arrested by two policemen accusing me of the murder of my wife. A week later I stood before the judge Derrick to prove my innocence. The courtroom was full to capacity. My parents and workmates sat on the front seats. The judge was a handsome lean old man whose head was as bald as an egg. His eyes were deep and piercing. He was dressed in a black suit. He looked up from his papers and motioned me to continue. I swallowed hard, cleared my voice and continued.

“Your honor, I work at Aga Khan Hospital as a doctor. On the night of my wife’s murder I had left the hospital at four in the evening and drove straight home. My wife welcomed warmly me as usual and we spent the evening together. At about one thirty, your honor, someone from the hospital called me that I was required urgently at the hospital. I tried to refuse because I was not on call that night but the caller insisted. It was then I bid good night to my wife, leaving the door under lock and key. I drove straight to the hospital. When I arrived, I reported to the duty nurse to be told who and where the patient was. Your honor I could not believe it when Patricia the duty nurse told me that there was no emergency and that they had not called me.

          For an instant I got annoyed and then I smelt a rat. I knew beyond any reasonable doubt that something was not right. Fear gripped me as cold chills ran down my spine. My immediate action was to rush home, as I could not guarantee my wife’s safety. In a wild rush I left the hospital, got into my car and drove home at the speed of lightning. From far I knew something was wrong as all lights in my house were on. I drove into the compound and came to a sudden halt by the door. I stormed into the housebreaking the door as I had no time to open it using the key. On opening I raced up the stairs like a cat on hot bricks calling my wife’s name all the way. When I got to the bedroom door, my heart almost missed a beat at what I saw.

          There on the bed lay my wife on her back in a pool of blood. Our kitchen knife driven right into her chest. Your honor, it was a horrific sight. I almost collapsed. I rushed towards her in a bid to pull out the knife thinking that she was still alive. Immediately I did so, two policemen burst into the bedroom and ordered me to kneel down as one of them relieved me of the knife. They accused me of the murder of my wife as they handcuffed me. I tried telling them I had just come and found my wife in the state she was but all my pleas fell on deaf ears. Your honor I am a harmless man. I cannot hurt a fly, moreover, I love my wife dearly. I still maintain that I’m innocent.” I said. I tried to remain strong but the dangling tears in my eyes betrayed my strength. It was after about seven minutes that the judge consulted the jury then pronounced me guilty as charged.”Mr.Makuyu, we have heard from you but that’s your story. Both the jury and I are convinced that you murdered Mary. What this court would like to know from you perhaps in the future is why you did so. I therefore pass a judgment of guilty as charged,” He said in a mean voice which sounded hateful as his eyes seem to bore right through my heart I could not believe him.

          Tears flowed freely down my cheeks as the two policemen led me away. I knew one would suffer punishment for a crime I had not committed but I knew better also not to cry over spilt milk.

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