Adama Traore is a fearsome player in the premier league due to his high speed, dribbling skills and his strength but recently the Wolverhampton striker got people talking and this is all because he puts baby oil on his arms. This led to one specific question, why does he cover himself up in baby oil before matches? It is definitely not because he wants to look like a body builder. Adama Traore is a very fast player and the only way for some of his opponents to stop him is to grab him and so his team came up with a clever trick of applying baby oil on his arms before a match.

Wolverhampton staff member said that it was something they had to do to protect Adama. Defenders are so afraid that he will run past them that they would grab him and pull his arms. This occasionally dislocated his shoulder during duels and putting the shoulder back in place is particularly painful. Lubricating his arms makes it harder for his opponents to grab him and this helps him avoid more injuries.

Applying baby oil is not only a smart idea but also preventative because Traore gets injured very rarely. His last big injury occurred at the start of 2016. A metatarsal injury that kept him out of the game for 91 days. A few weeks earlier, his calf forced him out of the game for 25 days but that was all. Adama Traore is quite simply a machine but he claims he doesn’t do muscle workouts. Well, this might seem hard to believe. He sais it is genetics because he works out but not too much either.

In 2019- 2020, he reached a new milestone. He was decisive in big premier league games. He scored two goals against Manchester City and he also scored in the return game at the Molineux stadium. Adama Traore scored 6 times and made 12 assists in the 2019- 2020 season. That’s statistically the best season of his career.

Adama has a crazy physique and an impressive acceleration and he has also proved that he has got high quality technique. As a quick reminder, Adama Traore started out his career at FC Barcelona’s academy. His great variety could attract the interest of big clubs but the $177M price set by Wolverhampton is completely absurd.



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