Ozil will probably never wear the Arsenal jersey again. He is not among the 25 players registered for the premier league season but what most fans don’t understand is why the club made that decision. Arteta, Arsenal’s coach may have excluded him but its primarily due to administrative criteria.

Arsenal have 19 players older that 21 who are not trained in England, that’s two more than the authorized limit in the rules and so Sokratis and Mesut Ozil are the ones who have been ruled out. There is another reason behind this decision. Arteta is not the only reason for Ozil’s treatment but also the club directors who had one specific aims which was to frustrate Ozil.

The main aim for the directors is to make Ozil give up and leave the club but the problem is that the German midfielder wants to stay up o the end of his contract with the club. He is paid a good salary of $24M at the end of one year, a huge salary for Arsenal, who are keen to get rid of him.

 Arsenal are looking to save money just like Real Madrid did with Gareth Bale but the question still lingering in many of Arsenal fans is whether Ozil will accept Leaving Arsenal after not being included on the list.

Ozil leaving Arsenal is not necessary as he wants to continue earning his salary and leave for free in 2021 and afterwards he could then negotiate a huge signing bonus just like Edinson Cavani did when he moved to Manchester United.

The Gunners will have to make a new list in 2021 but it is very likely that they will exclude him again and then Ozil will have the chance to choose his next club. Right now, Ozil is interested by clubs in the Middle East.

Some teams from Turkey are also in the running and finally an adventure in MLS could also attempt the German midfielder. One thing that is certain and we can all agree on is that Ozil deserves a better finish to his Arsenal career because he has always proved his incredible talent despite his faults.



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