Rolls Royce was first established in the United Kingdom in 1906 and now their cheapest car cost as much as $450,000. Rolls Royce cars are truly the best and one of the most luxurious to ever exist but luxury comes with a price. At $13M their custom made sweptail is the most recent and the most expensive Rolls Royce car currently. In this article we are going to tell you why Rolls Royce cars are so expensive.


Rolls Royce has truly done a magnificent job with the color of their cars. Customers get to chose from a variety of over 44,000 colors and customers can also do a color mixing to custom their own shades. Rolls Royce really knows how to make their customers happy. The company uses at least 45 KG of paint to their cars.


The car includes a self riding wheel with the Rolls Royce logo on it. A spirit of ecstasy ornament and a pantheon grill which is made by hand. The Rolls Royce company paid around $65M back in 2003 to acquire copyright to their current symbol, spirit of ecstasy, and the name of the company.


The lavished and detailed interiors of this car also make it one of the most expensive cars in the world. The interior includes a foam- filled cabin with around 136 KG of insulation for protection and comfort. Other features include seats that are tailor- made according to the customer’s preference. Rolls Royce lets their customers to choose everything from the material to the design even the embroidery on the seats.


Rolls Royce also gives you an option to turn your dashboard into an artistic masterpiece. Your dashboard can be 3D printed and can have various inscriptions on it. One customer even had their DNA pattern inscribed on it. You also have an option of getting a stainless gold plated dashboard for your car.


The tires that Rolls Royce use for their cars are filled with a special foam that helps you achieve a smooth ride and also reduce the noise of the road by 9 decibels. The tires ended by providing such an efficient soundproof experience that Rolls Royce had to remove some insulation so that the car wouldn’t get too silent and cause the passenger’s sensory deprivation.


The Rolls Royce V12 engine is crafted from the highest quality materials by the smartest minds. The engine has a power to accelerate from 0-60MPH in just 5.8 seconds and it can go up to a speed of 155MPH and though there are other fast cars than the Rolls Royce, the company offers their customers a speed that is understandable. This is because the Rolls Royce is not made for racing but for a luxurious driving experience



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