There was still hope that Ronaldo would play Messi in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday but all hope has now vanished. Cristiano Ronaldo did another test on Thursday and he still tested positive. Most people are curious to know why he won’t be able to participate in a match that takes place in a week’s time, well; this is because UEFA said that their protocol requires that a player must be negative at least one week before playing in a European match.

Even if Ronaldo got better today, he still would not be able to play on Wednesday against Barcelona. UEFA has been very much strict than national leagues as it requires a period of 7 days without any sign of the virus in the body. With this, there is zero risk of contamination, which allows the UEFA Champions League to go on. Faced with this rule, Ronaldo’s team, Juventus, tried to call UEFA’s bluff. The club directors asked for an exemption so Cristiano would play. In other terms, Juventus are hoping to change UEFA’s protocol and it is clear that there is almost no chance that they will succeed.

Ronaldo’s expected absence is a huge blow for Juventus because he was in sparkling form. Ronaldo went ahead and said that success in life is not measured by what one accomplishes but the obstacles that one overcomes. He further added that we should not let what we can’t do stop us from doing what we can. From his statement, it is clear that Cristiano is extremely motivated to get back on the pitch as soon as possible.

His reaction to finding out he was positive sums him up perfectly for he was calm. The match that would take place on Wednesday between Barcelona and Juventus would have been incredible because Ronaldo and Messi have not faced of in the UEFA Champions League group stage. Messi would have really wanted to take on Ronaldo. Messi said that matches against Ronaldo are special.

The reunion of the two players will definitely not take place on Wednesday, this means that we will have to wait until 8th December in order to witness their next clash.



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