Are you brave enough to taste what most people refer to as the most disgusting food on the planet. Let us go ahead and checkout some of these so called disgusting food on the planet.

Casu Marzu. This is an I talian cheese is filled with live maggots. It is officially referred to as the most dangerous cheese on the planet. The Casu Marzu is made by special flies laying their eggs on Pecorino cheese until these eggs hatch and become maggots that eat and digest it. This maggots are put in the cheese for humans to eat them.

Baby mice wine. There is a tradition in China where it is required to drown little hairless mice in rice wine. After the wine ferments within an year, it is believed to cure many diseases such as asthma.

Virgin boy eggs. Would you like some virgin boy eggs for appetizer? This is absolutely no joke. In some places around the world vendors collect urine belongings to schoolboy’s in buckets and then they put it in a pot with eggs to soak and boil for several hours. They do this until the white part of the egg becomes yellow and the eggs York turns green. Some of the people claim that if you eat the egg, you will not get heat stroke and that the eggs cooke in urine are fragrant and are good for your health.

Shirako. Shirako is a Japanese delicacy filled with fish semen. It tastes fishy, creamy and grainy and you can serve it on top of rice, fry as tempura or even eat it with your favorite sushi.

Hakarl alaso known as fermented rotten shark. Icelanders burry a dead shark underground until it gets drained of poisonous juice and when that is done they hang it out to dry then serve it in pieces. As to how it taste, the food legend himself had to say that it was the single worst thing that he has ever put in his mouth.     



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