One of the greatest entertainer and, a role model to many including celebrity was born in 1968. He came to this world on 25th September. He is considered as the celebrity who commands the most respect in the Hollywood Entertainment scene. He has full résumé in entertainment being a movie and, music producer, actor, rapper and, song writer. He is one of the celebrities that have earned a huge success internationally. He is one person that achieved most of everyone’s wildest dream.

In Philadelphia was where smith was to Caroline his mother. She was an administrator at a school in West Philadelphia. Will’s father was an engineer named Willard Sr. who repaired refrigerators.  He grew up in an area called Wynnefield where he spent his childhood days with his 3 siblings. Being born from parents who were Baptists, he studied in a catholic school. Will’s parents later separated when he was at the age of thirteen. His parents finalized their divorce in the year 2000.

Smith was taken to Overbrook for his high school studies where he excelled as he had high SAT score. At this point, Will had set his mind on becoming a rapper after high school. Despite his mother persuading him to join college, Will had already made up his mind on rap music. Will had no intention to join college as he was going to work on his dream straight after high school.

 Starting in rap was not easy. He began his journey with DJ jazzy Jeff. Smith began in the rap duo with the Dj Jazzy where he was the MC of the duo. Dj Jazzy was his childhood friend from Philadelphia and, he was the producer of their songs. They later joined with Ready Rock C. They sang songs which were funny and friendly to the radio listeners that they got much acclaim and, went ahead to win a Grammy for their rap in 1988.

Even if Smith is at the top he has undergone some rough patches in life. Just after his fame as the rapper Fresh Prince, Will was not scared to spend his money in glamorous ways. He overspent his money that he earned in rapping and underpaid his taxes. This made the Internal Revenue Authority to take Will’s properties and, income. Will was almost bankrupt when his properties were taken in 1990. Will learnt his lesson and, managed his income well. He was lucky when he got a contract with NBC. He got the leading role in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which was a TV series that captured everyone’s attention. This TV series got him exposure and, popularity as he was the lead role. This was in the early 1990s and, the show aired 6 seasons till 1996.

From the television series, will then moved to film where he earned worldwide success. He was involved in numerous popular movies that grossed huge amount of money. His success went through the rough where he became the only actor to gross 100 million dollars in 8 successive movies just in America alone. He also has the title of the actor who got over 150 million dollars in worldwide sale of eleven consecutive movies.

His stardom kept on expanding as he has had 21 leading movie roles in which all the movies have grossed more than 100 million dollars in the international market. Five of his leading role movies have earned each 500 million dollars in the movie market. He is one that has respect from every actor due to his down to earth personality though he is a superstar. The sale of his movies by 2014 was 6.6 billion dollars in the global scale.

Will Smith Achievements.

  1. Will has won 4 Grammy Awards.
  2. The only actor to have 8 successive movies that grossed over 100 million dollars each in the American market.
  3. The only actor to have 11 consecutive movies that have grossed more than 150 million dollars each.
  4. BET Award for best actor in 2002 and 2009.
  5. Will has 7 MTV Awards.

Will Smith is a much decorated entertainer in Hollywood as he has practically done everything in the Hollywood scene. He has won more 100 awards in his life in the entertainment industry. He surely is a person that has a mark in the Hollywood world. He is a role model to many including his fellow actors. This someone that should be looked up to as he showed the world nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

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