Today we are going to talk about some of the things that you should not do in volleyball practice or game. Let us go ahead and look at some of these things.

When in a drill never say “yes” when the coach asks if you are tired. Even if you for sure know you are tired just don’t say yes because the coaches are prompting to see the strength in you. If you feel like you need water, just say it directly to the coach “hey coach I need some water or I am going to pass out”. It is important to stay hydrated during practice but don’t ever ask your colleagues or team mates if they are tired. However, if you feel that you are really tired and need to rest then let your coach know immediately.

Do not ever show up late in a practice and I mean never unless you have a valid reason such as tutoring, your parents dropped you off late and such excuses provided that it is something that is valid and makes sense but don’t run into practice and shout “I’m here” as most people do. Good sportsmanship also includes being timely.

When it’s time to leave practice and you have to clean up the net, don’t be one of those people on the sidelines not contributing anything because you want to be a part of the team all times, we want to show our team mates that we are putting a bit of an effort to be a part of the team. Always be part of setup and cleanup and it is important to show the coach that you are an integral part of the team by helping out.

Don’t be that person on the sideline that doesn’t always cheer. You have to encourage your team mates to play the game and also show love and support to them too. Even if they are losing just keep on motivating and cheering them up because it feels good when your team is cheering for you. Be a team supporter even on the bench.

Don’t get down in a game. Don’t be a party pooper even if things are going wrong, you are not playing very well. At least take some time to support your team mates and take time to reset your frame of mind because it is a team effort and you want to work as best as you can together as a team.



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