Factory reset protection or as it is commonly known, FRP is a security feature that was added by Google to prevent illegal users from accessing a mobile phone after a hard reset has been performed on the mobile phone. During FRP, the user is asked to enter his Google account username with the correct password in order to continue using their phone normally. But we are all humans and at times we forget the password to our Google account and therefore makes it hard for the user to access their mobile phones. Do not worry because in this article that I have fully dedicated my time to put it down for users who are looking for ways to bypass FRP on their SAMSUNG GALAXY J4, I will show you how to bypass FRP in simple steps. Follow the procedures carefully and in no time, you will continue to use your mobile phone normally.


  1. Connect your mobile phone to a WIFI network and tap “next” at the bottom right of your device.
  2. Agree to all of the terms by putting a tick at the option and click “agree” and wait for the page to load.
  3. When asked to put down your account username, go back to the starting point where it says “START”.
  4. Press the home button three times until you hear a talk back sound and then draw an “L” on the screen.
  5. When the global context menu displays on your screen, tap the “talk to speech settings”.
  6. Afterwards, tap on the setting icon located on the top right corner of your mobile phone and click “install voice data”.
  7. After you clicked that option, press the home button three times to pause talkback settings and afterwards click on the “down arrow ( )” on the first option of the screen and wait to finish loading.
  8. Tick on the agreement at the bottom of the device’s screen then tap “start”.
  9. Select “update” and click “ok” and wait patiently for the download to complete.
  10. Click on the download icon again on the first option and wait for the page to load.
  11. Click on the search icon at the far right corner of your device besides the three dots and search for “Samsung internet browser” then download and open it.
  12. On the search bar, search for “albastuz3d.net” and on the site tap “Android 8. apk” and “Frpbypass. Apk” to download. Click on the three lines at the bottom right of your device to view downloads.
  13. When both downloads are complete, install the two apps and open “frpbypass. Apk”.
  14. Select “browser sign in” by clicking on the three dots at the far right corner of your device’s screen.
  15. Enter any email account with the correct password and wait for the page to load.
  16. Now restart your SAMSUNG GALAXY J4 phone.
  17. Keep agreeing on the options by tapping “next” on the bottom right of your device and do not input a password on your phone bus select “not now”.
  18. Continue selecting next and skip where necessary then tap “finish”.
  19. All done!!! You have successfully bypass FRP to your SAMSUNG GALAXY J4. Wait patiently for apps to display on the screen and you can now continue using your phone normally without any problems.

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