Hard reset (factory reset/master reset) is ways of making your phone mimic a new one by deleting all user data in it.

A variety of reasons why you need to perform factory reset on your Android Prestigio phone may occur. It could be it is hanging, you can’t remember password or in case you want to sell it. What I am about to show you will be very efficient if you encounter any of the above problems. They will help you use your phone without any security restrictions such as patterns or passwords. Although you will lose all your data, you will still be able to use all your phone’s capabilities after you Hard reset it.

Here are 2 various ways to carry out hard reset your Android Prestigio:

METHOD 1                                  

1.       Switch on your Android Prestigio phone then go to the setting icon.

2.       Scroll down to the last option in the menu at the bottom.

3.       Tap “System.”

4.       Click on the Reset option.

5.       Hit “Erase all data (factory reset)”.

6.       Affirm that you want to erase your Android Prestigio phone’s data. 

7.       Enter the correct pin or pattern and select “yes erase everything” to continue.

8.       Congratulations! The Hard Reset was successful Please wait for your phone to restart and complete the initial setup via WIFI or Mobile data.


This is a very effective way to Ultra-clear all data from your Smartphone. It is not only fast but also allows you to hard reset even if you forgot your pin or password.

  1. Long press the power button and swipe down to shut down. 
    1. Hold and press power + volume up key.
    1. Release only power button when phone’s logo pops up e.g. Techno.
    1.  Press accurately both power and volume up key simultaneously and repeat until Android recovery mode shows up on the screen.
    1. Using the volume down key, scroll to “more” or “factory reset/wipe data” and select it using power key.
    1. Use the volume down key to scroll to “more” or “factory reset/wipe data” and select it using power key.
    1.  Use power button to affirm “wipe data” or navigate “Yes-delete all data” using volume keys.
    1. Good job! Wait for the device to boot and complete the initial phone setup via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.



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