their content and get money when people view their content. This Opera News was made possible in the year 1995. With the Opera News hub; one can be guaranteed to get the latest news around the world. This allows anyone to get the latest news anywhere on this planet as long as they have a device that has an internet connection at any time.

Requirements for opening Opera News Hub.

  1. One requires to provide their real names in their ID card. One is required to provide their names in full.
  2. One needs to provide their Gmail account and FaceBook account on the Opera News Hub Account page for registration for the account.
  3. One will then be required to provide a method of payment either through their legitimate bank accounts or their mobile money accounts. This is a mode of payment that is most common.

How to create an Opera News Hub.

  1. One should get their internet-connected device, go to the browser, and visit the Opera news hub creator page.
  2.  When on this page, you will see 2 login choices; either through FaceBook or Gmail and select one or choose your own way of sign up manually.
  3. After choosing between the above where you will be directed to a page for your account set up.
  4. On the page, one will be required to confirm the details they have given. One should go through the information they have given and simply click on “confirm”.
  5. After the above, one will continue with the registration process where you will be forwarded to the next page where it shows your hub account information and all the information that you need to know about your Opera news hub after confirmation of your application by Opera.

How to add your own Website or Blog to your Opera News hub and build it.

  1. One should go to their Opera News Hub settings and make sure that it is AMP enabled. This is the first step to link the account with your blog or website.
  2. One is then required to put publications of their work that is handpicked from their best works. This article is advised to be one of the best if not the best of your work. This is a factor when building your hub to get more viewers who click on your hub account.
  3. One should find a good way to promote the views in the hub account to promote a lot of traffic in their account. One should spawn 500 to 1000 traffic on a daily basis from different sources.
  4. One is then required to write to the administration team that works around the clock to ensure users’ satisfaction. One can write to the team through when they want to add their request of adding their blog or website and when they have a problem with the hub account.
  5. One should then wait for a response from the Opera website. Once they accept your application, you will be added to the Opera news website and you can start adding your articles to your account.

Importance of creating an Opera News Hub to post content and make money.

This is a digital platform where one can market their contents online such as educational content, professional content, or any content that one is passionate about. One is given a stage to make money just through their admired contents which people view.

This account is also connected with other Opera news applications such as the Opera news applications and Opera mini browser and this allows one to use the opera application benefits to the maximum.

Depending on the quality and consistency of the work you post on the hub, gives you more readers to your website or blog which will lead to a huge following by many. This will also increase your site engagement by your followers who will react to almost all of your work.

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