If you are a play station plus member, you should stockpile all those free games that are there. If you own a PS4 AND PLAYSTATION plus, you can download the free games every month but what a lot of people don’t realize is that if you log into your sonny account in the PSN website, you have access to all the free play station plus games. So really you should stockpile them and once you download and claim them, you own them forever in your library.

If you want to take a video clip or a screenshot without navigating to the actual share menu, you can simply tap the share button twice and it will start capturing video or you can go to the share settings and change the share button type for easy screenshots so that a screenshot is taken automatically by a tap of the share button.

You can use the PS4 vita as an extra dual shock controller for the PS4. The vita has a lot of tricks that work with the PS4. If you want to play a game with your friend and you don’t have an extra dual shock 4 controller because they are expensive, you can use your vita. The only problem with this is that you have to use the same PSN on the vita account as the one on the PS4. However, that can be surpassed by using remote play and then take over the session and then with the controller you signed in as a guest or another profile.

If you want to talk to your game console, you can actually use the voice commands through the headset microphone that comes with the PS4. Yes, the PS4 has voice commands that work with the play station camera but not a lot of people bought the PS4 camera, so you can use voice controls through the included headset. If you connect the headset to the PS4 all you have to do is say “play station” followed by any command. The commands are very basic but they do work more effectively.

There is a play station app available for IOS and android. There are a lot of features on these that can help you out. If there is a game that is on flash sale and you are not near your PS4, you can look it up on the app and purchase it right there.. You can link up the PS4 with the app and as long as the PS4 is on stand-by and is connected to WIFI, you will be able to wake it from the app and start downloading games.

You can use a phone charger to charge your dual shock controller. It is not necessarily that you use the short console cable in order to charge. Dong this makes your life even 10x more easier and comfortable as you don’t have to be so close to your screen now anymore. This is one of the simple life hacks that we have put on the list because not everyone realizes this.

When you head on to settings and switch on automatic update, your PS4 system searches for game updates, system updates and content and if you own a PS4, you for sure know that there is something to download whether it’s a game update, a software update or a patch.



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