Designing your own workout plan can be a lot easier than you think and in this article we will discuss how to create your own workout plan, program or schedule. We go about several different options that is; full body workout exercises, workout splits, cardio and how often to workout. The two major factors that should be considered while starting a workout plan are your time(when you are available) and the exercise routine.

The first thing you have to do is set a schedule on what you can adhere to and the time availability. You will carry out your routine from two perspectives, the beginner phase and the growth/maintenance face.


If you are in the beginner face, I would recommend you work out one day and have two days off. The reason for this is when you are beginning your body will be very sore probably like for two days. For example, work out on Mondays and rest on Tuesday and Wednesday, workout on Thursday and rest on Friday and Saturday and make Sunday an active rest day where you do things like chores, cutting grass or even cleaning the house. Repeat this schedule for the next 2-3 weeks.

WorkoutRestRestWorkoutRestRestActive rest  


For the growth maintenance face there is a lot of different options To keep it simple I am going to show you two options.

Option 1.

The first option is to do a 3 day full body workouts, 3 days of active rest and 1 day of total rest. Here is an example below in form of a table.

WorkoutActive RestWorkoutActive RestWorkoutActive RestRest  

                                                Option 2.

Option two is to do workout splits for 4 days and have three days off or active rest. Fo example Monday you will do upper body workout, Tuesday you will do Lower body workout, Wednesday is a rest day, Thursday is upper body training, Friday lower body workout, Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is an active rest day.

Upper body workoutLower body workoutRestUpper body workoutLower body workoutRestActive rest

After you are done putting your schedule in order, you need to plan out a specific workout routine.  Any comprehensive program should consist of working your body in all planes and motions and these are sagittal plane, frontal plane and transverse plane. You routine should also include strength training exercises, cardio exercises and flexibility exercises along with a warm up and a cool down exercise.

You should also make sure you consistently work out all the major areas of your body. A warm up should consist of an exercise that slowly increases the heart rate and blood pressure before your actual workout routine.

From start to finish, it shouldn’t take you more than one hour to have a great workout. Creating your own workout plan is actually not that difficult. It comes down with three things, a schedule that works for you, working all major areas of your body consistently and exercise selection for those body parts.



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