A legend in wresting Steven Steve Austin was born in 1964.This historic date of the birth was on December 18th with the parents not knowing he was to be a star.

The name to be remembered in the World Wresting Entertainment environs is Stone Cold. He is arguably one of the best wrestlers to ever grace the ring. [1]Even if he was born given a name he will forever be a star with the stage name “Stone Cold Steve Austin”. Stone had the character of being someone that everyone liked because he was relatable. This was because of the way he talked. He got everyone’s eyes on TV. He was a star because of his capabilities in the ring and, his reflex that made him a great star. He was one of the most mentioned Wrestling stars mentioned at his prime.

Stone was unstoppable as he was the wrestle who usually said the truth as he called it the stone cold truth. He believed that nothing could stop his reign. The reign of Austin could only be stopped by himself as he thought. This can be shown with his phrase said that is it was because he said so. Stone came with a bang as he even defeated skilled wrestlers in the game. [2]Cold from a young age was on a mission to establish himself as one of the best in wrestling. Through his character he was one of the favorite fighter’s in a match. He is arguably one of the best wrestlers the world has ever seen.

His profession in the WWE was not just filled with fights that made him what he is. His journey started in 1996. He had many huddles just as the rest in every career they choose. Suffering many injuries at WWE, he never at one moment quit in the pursuit to make a name. Before he made his name, he was in the WCW that he had his experience in wrestling. At this WCW (World Championship Wrestling), he had a different name that he used to run with. His name was “Ringmaster” which he got while starting at the WWF (World Wrestling Federation).He was brought from WCW by Ted who was known as Million Dollar Man.

After being advised by his managers, he decided to change his image as a wrestling entertainer. This got him his persona names that he used in all his matches in the ring. Austin became an image that gained the eyes of many in the entertainment of the wrestling world. He then ventured into business in the microphone world as he had good skills in that out of wrestling. This made him be a person to be emulated during the 1990s to the 2000s. He had immense support from fans that he even became the face of the corporation.

Steve had rivalries with fellow wrestlers that got all fans excited. His nemesis being Triple H, The Rock, Bret Hart and the revered one, The Undertaker. His rivalry with The Rock was the one that got the wrestling work shake because of their threats before a fight.

His way of speaking along with his language that was considered to be vulgar, harmonized him with his drinking of beer in the ring. His fans enjoyed when he drank the beer as they usually mimicked how he drank the beer. Stone cold is the wrestler who received beer from fans when he entered the ring. The drinking of beer however made him be defeated in a few fights that he usually regrets.

[3]Stone was famous for raising the middle finger to anyone who thought they could defeat him. His fans could relate to him more easily because of his mode of dressing. It was ordinary man’s type of dressing. His entrance into the wrestling arena was a spectacle. The shattering of glasses was heard and, everyone stood up to welcome the champ.

This young man on his way to greatness was found in 1990 in the USWA (United States Wrestling Association). He joined WCW where he won his first title in wrestling winning the WCW Television Championship.

Steven Steve Austin is a hero to many as he was admired all over the world. He will forever be remembered as he a made childhood memories to kids everywhere.


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